How To Wear A Vintage Denim Jacket

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Denim is an American classic and staple in my wardrobe. I have denim in the form of pants, shirts, and as shown here – a jacket. A denim jacket can be a versatile styling piece. It is a trans-seasonal item that can be comfortably worn fall, spring, and summer. Many of today’s street style stars use them in their artfully layered looks, even in winter.

Take a look at this vintage denim jacket. It is a unique piece. Completely unassuming from the front with its classic lines and details. Then you have the applique and embroidery on the back! This makes the jacket. It gives it a bit of character and you know that there is some history there! It is currently available through imogene and willie, but most likely not for long. The vintage selections sell quickly!

A piece with character and history, like this jacket, can be incorporated into many different styling preferences. I found two differently styled looks to illustrate my point. We have tomboy styling on Leandra and girly styling on Miranda. I didn’t select these two looks because the women’s’ names rhyme, I selected them to show that a denim jacket easily incorporates into both styles. It adds dimension and polishes both looks. A denim jacket looks great with tomboy and girly styles and could be used in a variety of other styles.

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