Streetwear Style: The 7 Essentials You Already Have in Your Closet!

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Streetwear Style for the Girly Girl

It’s September and if you are like me it’s about that time for a new look. We could all switch it up a bit. Streetwear style has happily re-emerged  as the latest fashion trend this year. Particularly with the introduction of  Athletic Luxe Sportswear. Streetwear style speaks to the culture, environment and passion of those who wear it. It is a distinctive style of street fashion which encompasses elements of the hip hop, Japanese street fashion and modern Haute Couture. Athletic Luxe Sportswear is a high-end style which incorporates luxury fabrics and materials while maintaining the comfortable sensibility of sportswear.

It seems to be everywhere! Everywhere you turn you will see dresses worn with athletic sneakers or those glamourous track pants in all the fashion magazines. It was definitely the hottest trend this summer. So I’m sure you are wondering the same question I am. How can I try this trend out and incorporate it into my wardrobe this fall?  Well I have got great news for you, you probably already have most of the pieces sitting in your closet right now to pull of an amazing streetwear style look! So before you spend your money on this trend, shop your closet with this streetwear essentials list in mind.



Whether its Nike, Vans, Converse or Adidas, I know most of us have at least one pair sitting at the back of our shoe closet just waiting to be worn.


Bright colored or patterned socks can definitely give your outfit that pop of surprise. Whether your socks are ankle or knee high, it definitely creates a unique streetwear look.



Distressed skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans are also great options for streetwear. Roll up the bottoms and add a pair of sexy heels to glam up your streetwear style.


Basic & Graphic Tees

Whether it’s a clean white tee or graphic tee, a t-shirt makes the streetwear style effortless.


Button Up/Flannel

When wearing a button up shirt, make sure it’s buttoned all the way to the top. Look for shirts with a simple pattern like mini polka dots or stripes. A flannel shirt is a great layering option for the fall.



Bomber jackets and varsity jackets are also essentials for that polished streetwear style. It is a must for the fall and winter months. Another great option would be to wear an old letterman varsity jacket as outerwear. It would give you mad street cred.



Gold watches, Hats (beanies, snapbacks), sunglasses, and backpacks are just a few cool accessories that will add swag to your overall streetwear look.


So open up that closet and see what you have. You might have a number of items listed above to help you to perfect your streetwear style and create street style looks this fall. Also check out our spotlight on emerging brand Hall of Fame (HOF) for the hottest in streetwear apparel.


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