Sexy Sandals for Your Fall Wardrobe

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Sexy Sandals for Your Fall Wardrobe

When transitioning into fall, the one thing that I have a hard time with is letting go of my beloved sexy sandals. Maybe it is the restrictive feeling of socks, particularly when it is still kind of warm, that makes me want to delay wearing shoes until it is absolutely necessary. I will slowly make my way toward socks. I will also start integrating ballet flats and the occasional pretty heel. Or with this season, I will start to wear pointed-toe flats, interspersed with sandals as the first chills of the season hit the area.

I look for sexy sandals with interesting textures and fall appropriate colors as the summer draws to a close. I will purchase a pair or two to get me through the transition. This season, I am leaning towards textured sandals with a toe ring. I’m inspired by the simple, elegant, and weather appropriate look. Some choices include these pretty, green python ones by DeRosa, these chic, grey ones by ATP Atelier, and these extra textured, leather and suede, brown and burgundy ones at TradeMark.

I intend to follow the lead of the things that inspire me the most. I would style my textured sandals with fine knits, delicate jewelry, and tapered ankle pants. Of course, you need something tapered to the ankle or above with the sandal. Otherwise, how would anyone see your sartorial choice? For my fine knits, I have been toying with the idea of slim, ribbed turtlenecks, which in my opinion are best in black, or a whisper thin v-neck, in a silvered grey. Since my feet will be on display in my sexy sandals sporting an amazing color and textured finish, the ultimate touch for me would be well-moisturized, pedicured toes with a lush, deep nail lacquer color. My recommended shades are gunmetal, navy, and wine.

I am hoping to keep wearing my textured sandals well into October with this strategy. Do you have any ways that you hold on to summer via fashion and style? Stay tuned for my delicate jewelry picks coming up next month.

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