How’s Your Resolutions Doing? Get A Happiness Jar


Resolutions or Not—Make it Work!

Personally, New Year’s resolutions are an excuse to put off what you can do today. Instead of New Year’s resolutions, I made a happiness jar. It’s a reminder that you should always be grateful for even the small things in life. This happiness jar is to be used traditionally. Fill it with sheets of papers containing the daily things that you are grateful for. Write down all the goals you have accomplished. Don’t forget to write things that has made you happy with a date. Then next year, you read them to remind yourself to always be grateful and happy. By creating a happiness jar, it helps you to reflect on your year as a whole. It’s so funny but by the end of the year,  you probably don’t remember everything that happened at the beginning of the year. Drop the resolutions. Get yourself a happiness jar.

Another thing that I love to do instead of making resolutions is to create a personal vision board for the year. My vision board is filled with affirmations, goals, and things I want to do. If you have never done this, it can actually be quite fun. Some people have parties where each person makes one. To get started on your vision board, all you need is a stack of magazines, glue or tape and a plain board.

Vision boards have been used in the fashion industry for decades. It helps designers to pull together their ideas for their upcoming collection. A vision board can help you pull your thoughts and ideas together. I think that it is important to put the things into the universe that you want. If you speak it and work hard for it, it can happen. Make sure that you put your vision board up where you can see it everyday. It will help keep you motivated and focused on your journey.

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