Hottest Fashion Trends for Fall

Most Wearable Fashion Trends for Fall

Welcome to Fall! Time to get the scoop on the hottest fashion trends for fall. New York Fashion Week always brings out the newest trends to refresh our personal style. It’s inspiring when we brands show us new and modern ways to wear pieces. In order for us to wear these fall trends, trends need to translate into wearable pieces. Here are my favorite fall wearable trends. These stylish options can easily be incorporated into your fall wardrobe. So start by pulling out your fall wardrobe basics and add some of these cool fashion trends for fall to your closet. Definitely will keep you current and fashion forward.

Fall Prints

Prints are a great way to spice up your fall look. This fabulous fashion trend for fall has had a fashion rebirth. There’s a new and fresh take on classic prints and patterns.

Matching Sets

This trend includes separates that are made to be worn together and makes getting ready in the morning quick and easy.

Animal Accents

This is one of the playful fashion trends for fall. You will find swans, puppies, and foxes, and other animal motifs as the style star. It brings a cute and cheerful element to your wardrobe.


This classic trend was everywhere on the runways. It’s an ultra-feminine look with a wink at sexiness. You can find it on coats, sweaters, leggings and much, much more.

Fair Isle Prints, Chunky Knits

Fair Isle print sweaters are perfect for the cooler nights of fall. It’s unique style and heaviness will keep you stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Fall Trend Colors

The runways were full of bright oranges, blues, grays and pastels. It’s definitely the perfect way to liven up your color palette this fall. Just because it’s fall does not mean that you have to give up on color in your wardrobe.

Fall Outerwear

Outerwear seems to be going into a more relaxed loose fit. Look for capes and robe coats to be everywhere in the stores. These are easy to wear an can make your look seem effortless.


Shearling made a comeback. It’s was one of the fashion trends for fall that was all over the runways from Paris to Milan. It’s a great to stay to warm especially if the polar vortex decides to show up again. Just know that you will be prepared for it.

Tall Crown Hats

Tall crown hats was a fall trend that made the style trendsetters go crazy. R&B artist Pharrell started it all with his tall hat on the red carpet of the Grammy’s this year. The cowboy trend is also here this fall. You can wear it as a statement piece with a subtle outfit so the tall crown has a place to shine.

Statement Bags

Wearing a statement tee is so last last season. This year, make a statement with your clutch or purse. It’s a great way to evoke your style without saying a word.


Sneakers are here to stay for a while. From glitter sneakers to bright colorful styles, you can take a break from the classic pumps, or fall ankle booties. Wear these fashion forward statement sneakers for your liking.

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