How To Dress Like The French Women In Films

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There is something so stylish about French New Wave (Nouvelle Vague) films and they way that French women dress. I’ve enjoyed each French film that I’ve seen. In particular, I adored the look of Jean Seberg in Breathless or About de Souffle. For those practicing your French, her style is unfussy, chic, and iconic. I found this great vintage poster from the film, with an interesting contrast of colors and it inspired me. Before we get into the looks I created, first a little more about Jean Seberg’s character and the styling in the film.
She plays a young woman studying and working in Paris. Her boyfriend is a criminal on the run and seeking refuge with her. The styling suits the time and plays on some of the traditional ideas of French style and how French women can pull an outfit together with just the bare minimum. She wears a killer pixie cut, red lipstick, cat eyeliner, boyish shirts with trousers and denim, and feminine dresses and skirts. There is an effortlessness to the simple, yet striking looks featured in the film. I created two looks that were inspired by Jean Seberg’s character, Patricia, and the coloring of the vintage poster.
The first look is a take on casual day wear with a mariniere shirt, very classic, very French, along with straight leg denim pants. The second is a feminine evening look with a fit and flare dress. Each look should be styled simply with minimal extras. I chose a crisp white espadrille and rounded black sunglasses that could interchange easily with both looks.
While inspired by a film and character from the 1960′s, these looks still feel modern and could add some je ne sais quois to your wardrobe.
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