New Music From Down Under: TV Colours, “Beverly”


In Australia, there’s only one on the scene as a growing indie powerhouse making new music with that vintage punk rock sound. That powerhouse is TV Colours. Producing artists such as Melbourne singer Courtney Barnett, producer Ta-Ku from Perth, and Sydney’s Jagwar Ma, TV Colours started as a one man band by Bobby Kill in 2007. The group currently includes Bobby Kill, Catfish, Ed Wood, and L.A Thomas. Their sound is often compared to Bob Mould (front man for Hüsker Dü), who is a punk rock pioneer and is often cited as being a major influence on Nirvana and the Pixies. TV Colours has an old style punk rock appeal. Some punk bands rely more heavily on the bass and distortion. So it’s cool to be able to hear some lyrics to go along with the music.

The track “Beverly” feels like it should be an anthem for the coolest part of Brooklyn. The lyrics are brimming with angst and intensity, which make the song vibrate in your ears. For fans of the Ramones or The Clash, TV Colours’ new music should fit right in to your “cassette tape” collection. What really makes this song an anthem is it’s “singability.” The song is up-tempo with high guitar riffs that lead you to hum out loud, break out dance, and wonder how much fun it would be see him live in concert.

TV Colours has a lot of space to run with this new music and old sound since the 80’s appeal is making a comeback (the Strokes and Japandroids are other prime examples of this phenomenon). Most of all, they make good punk music. So if you’re in the mood to party, have memories of synths being creative instead of requisite, and like high energy music, then take a listen.

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