Why You Need to Check Out SoundCloud

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Discover New Music on SoundCloud

You may wonder how do I find new music and brag to my friends about it without sounding like an a**hole?” The answer is quite simple, SoundCloud! SoundCloud is one of the best music discovery sites and apps available.  Embedded audio from SoundCloud is found on most popular music blogs like Complex or IndieShuffle. SoundCloud offers a range of artists from Drake to lesser known artists like my friend Lennon English.

The purpose of the platform is to give artists a world stage for their music. So it’s kind of like shopping at Marshalls/TJ Maxx.  You have to sift through the pile to find gems. But in return, you will find plenty of artists that fit even your most obscure hipster tastes. Be the official “music aficionado” in your group. Below are the top three reasons to check out SoundCloud:

1. Music Discovery

Most upcoming artists use SoundCloud to publish their music to the world for free while retaining their rights to their music. There are not only indie artists, but also indie music labels. So if you have a local indie artist you love, look up the label. Chances are they’re promoting other artists you might like. The best part is, the site makes it easy to find new artists by being social. You can follow other users, check out their playlists, or see who the artist you’re listening to is following on the site.

2. Free Music!

Indie artists release music more frequently than once a year. Many times, they release their music for free to make it easily available to their fans. Great remixes of mainstream music produced by high profile DJs are also available for download. Diplo, Stwo, and Hudson Mohawke are a few of the great producers who remix tunes on a regular basis. Then they drop the tracks for free to the masses. Lastly, it’s free! #free-ninety-nine #freebee #gratis


Sure, trolling is a part of every comment area online. But there’s genuine support for indie artists on the SoundCloud. Even mainstream recording artists will release their new singles on SoundCloud first to see how the music blogs and fans love it or diss it. So if you find something you like from an indie artist, you can leave your honest opinion and they’ll get the note.

After about a month on SoundCloud, you can feel free to say in your best disappointed dad voice, “I heard about that group last year. I liked them until they sold out and became mainstream on the radio.” Now, hit play and enjoy the awesome playlist of artists you’ve never heard of.

Tell us which artists you discovered on SoundCloud. We want to hear from you. Check out my 20 favorite songs on SoundCloud above.


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