Your Music Festival Gear for Coachella, Bonaroo, Sasquatch & More

Music Festivals Are Here To Stay

Here in the DC area, the advent of spring brings forth a number of lifestyle changes for its inhabitants. Cherry blossoms come with spring, and with these cherry blossoms comes swarms of tourists. These tourists clog our streets and public transportation and make innocent worker bees like myself very irritable. Add in the unpredictable weather and devilishly high levels of tree pollen and spring in the Nation’s Capital can be more like organized chaos than a picturesque postcard.

Don’t let my view of changing seasons depress or deter you from basking in the warmer weather and longer evenings. Spring also means open rooftop happy hours, day parties, and (my personal favorite) music festivals. There’s no better thing to do on a beautiful Saturday than stand outside, drink libations, and consume culture. Festivals are in! It’s where the mainstream culture and subculture collide in our post-modern world. For years, we’ve seen events like Coachella, Bonaroo, Sasquatch, Jay-Z’s  Made In America, DC’s Trillectro and SXSW capture the the minds and hearts of thousands of cultural consumers. Thankfully for those of us who consider ourselves to be cultural connoisseurs, it’s all happening again this year.

Music festivals are more than moments. They are marathons, and with the proper preparation, one can survive the beer, mosh pits and madness while maintaining their cool. Here are some tips for how to dress during festival season:

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  1. Worn Yet Valuable Footwear – Gazelle by Adidas

The combination of comfort and style in footwear is typically associated with sneakers like these Retro Air Jordan I’s, but you don’t have go the sneaker route to protect your feet from exploding after hours non-stop partying, mosh pit raging, and crowd surfing. Just make sure that the shoes you do choose to wear are somewhat worn because there’s a 90% chance your beverage will end up on them at some point in the day, but most importantly, wear something that screams, “I’m me!”. Festivals are a time to let loose and show the world who you are!

  1. Cargo Pants or Shorts – Skinny Cargo Pant by Rockstar Denim

The key here is functionality and usability. Who wants to carry around a book bag all day? Not I. Substitute the luggage with pockets. Make use of all five, six or nine pockets. Save one for your wallet, cell phone, tickets (can’t forget your tickets), car keys, and a few beers if you have space.

  1. Culturally Relevant Tops – Doberman Jersey T-Shirt by Pool House

Again, festivals are an opportunity to show the world who you are, so do just that. Graphic screen print t-shirts tend to do the trick but don’t stop there. I’m considering an ethnic Kurta for this year’s festivities, maybe even a dashiki. Your top should share some interesting insight about who you are and be some what relevant to the cultural atmosphere in which you’re engaging.

  1. Light Layers – Distressed Denim Jacket by H&M

Yes, the weather is warm during the spring and summer months, but don’t be fooled by high day-time temperatures. The setting of the sun, light breeze and an ensuing twilight hangover can bring about the chills. Take a light jacket for the evening. Who knows, that hip chick you’ve been eyeing all day may need it at some point. Success is a mix of opportunity and preparation. Be prepared.

  1. Necessary Accessory – Snapback by Dream 4 Purpose; G-Shock Watch by Casio

For further usability and functionality, here are some thoughts on  necessary accessories. I emphasize the word necessary because there’s nothing more annoying or distracting than someone wearing too many accessories. You see them at the music festivals all the time. They wear eight wood necklaces, five wood bracelets, and are usually wearing too many layers. Be smart. Be exact. Be concise. Think about what you’ll need to know. You’ll need to know the time (watch); you’ll need a bottle opener (key chain); a sun-blocking mechanism (sunglasses or hat); and you’ll need keep your pants up (belt). Anything above this runs the risk of being unnecessary, except a piece of neck jewelry.

Fun awaits you at your local music festival. Don’t miss out, and make your fashion work for you.

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