Hall of Fame (HOF): Streetwear and Sports Collide on Rosewood

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Hall of Fame (HOF): Streetwear and Sports Collide on Rosewood

What do you see in every rap music video from the late 1980’s and 1990’s? Rappers are performing their songs alongside their large entourages. Beautiful women are dancing, and there may be a luxury car or wide shot of the artist’s neighborhood. Now, take a look at the fashion. The percussive poets are wearing gold jewelry with their designer clothes and sporting the most exclusive sneakers and footwear. The short musical films are bright and colorful, representative of the Hip Hop culture that inspired them. One thing you will find in every rap music video from that era is streetwear mixed with sportswear: NBA jerseys, MLB hats, NFL crew necks and more. There is a lot to be said about the connection between Hip Hop-inspired street culture and sports, with the artists who move the culture aspiring for the fame of sports legends and athletes longing to be the artists they listen to. When street and sports culture meet at the crossroads of fashion, we get LA-based streetwear brand Hall of Fame (HOF).

Inspired by professional sportswear designs, sports culture, and actual Hall of Fame icons like Larry Bird, HOF delivers pieces that connect with the fan experience across sports while delivering that streetwear swag.

Here are a few of my favorite HOF pieces:

Hall of Fame Contenders Tee

streetwear, luxury streetwear, streetwear brands


There’s nothing like a graphic tee honoring the sport of boxing with a little humor and streetwear swag like the Contenders tee.

Mercy Baseball Jersey

It’s almost playoff season in Major League Baseball. But some folks (like myself) are only connected to baseball of baseball streetwear gear.  This Mercy baseball jersey pays an ode to the days of our national pastime’s Golden Era with its circular embroidery design and is tailor fit to make your look a home run.

Namath New Vintage Jersey


Paying homage to one of the NFL’s all time greatest and most stylish quarterbacks, the Namath New Vintage jersey injects style into one of the most sought-after pieces of football memorabilia.


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