Semi Formal Dresses: Choosing the Right Dress

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Semi Formal Dresses: Choosing the Right Dress for A Wedding

Love is in the air once again as we are in wedding season. When looking at tons of semi formal dresses, you have to consider the attire request, follow etiquette, and most likely – stay on budget. It can be challenging to accomplish these things and be stylish. But I believe it’s possible. Here is how! I focused on finding one great dress that could do double duty, maximizing its wearability by switching up the accessories.

First, lemmetellya how much I love this adorable Camilyn Beth dress! It is fun and has a mod, ’60s kitten vibe. It’s flirty but not side-eye-inducing or overtly sexy. Did you see the color? I can’t get enough of fuchsia. It is flattering on a variety of skin tones. It’s just a bright, joyful color. In both wedding guest arrangements, I chose to stay mostly tonal as a styling strategy. Best of all, it fits in the category of semi formal dresses.

When scouring through pages and page of semi formal dresses for a day wedding, I chose to accent the main color, fuchsia. It  pops when mixing it with orange, black, and gold. I went with a pair of  low, colorblock heels with an ankle strap. These shoes match perfectly with the clutch. I chose a slightly oversized envelope clutch. A simple yet sparkly bracelet finishes off the look without over complicating things. I love how this look nods to the ’60s vibe. The sandals and the chunky bracelet keep the look modern. It is a quirky, beautiful look.

When deciding what to wear to weddings at night, it gets easier to choose. There are so many great semi formal dresses to choose from. I chose black, gold, and turquoise as the complementary colors with the fuchsia dress as the backdrop. The statement sandals add a bit of drama to the look. I love this color pairing. It’s so chic! The look is heightened by the high-end, vintage earrings. An evening wedding is the time to pull out your best pieces. I finished the look with a structured, black handbag. It pulls the look together for an elegant, eclectic look.

Figuring out what to wear to weddings can be tricky. Especially if you need to pick one great dresses in the sea of great semi formal dresses. But it doesn’t have to be. Follow my advice and you will be one of the best dressed wedding guest at the event.


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