Streetwear: How We Rock It

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I have been wanting to do a Streetwear issue for two years. Every time that I see Kanye West or Rihanna on television or see one of their videos, I lose it. This issue has been a labor of love in a way that was new and wonderful. To be able to mix streetwear and high fashion made me orgasmic. Seriously, it did. This issue is really my love letter to Streetwear. To say that I love you and here’s the proof.

We asked our readers and followers to nominate their favorite streetwear brands. We received over 55 nominations for brands from around the world. It was amazing to see the work of each nominated brand. Each brand had its own particular view of the world. The majority of brands want to make a statement, usually a political one. I appreciate that so much. I’m trying to do the same thing. To show emerging brands that there is someone out there in their corner, someone who gives a damn that people know who you are.

After much time and anguish, the list was narrowed down to the 14 streetwear brands who took my breath away. I fell in love with their designs, their messages, their commitments to their communities, the whole nine. My one wish for these incredible visionaries is that our readers go out and support them. We’ve included their website addresses and their social media channels. Please support these brands and streetwear brands as a whole. This is a vibrant, creative, and tuned-in community in the fashion industry who, until recently, did not grace the pages of any fashion magazine in any real way. Let’s make streetwear a mainstream staple in the fashion industry. It’s time.

Be sure the check out each of the streetwear brands featured in the issue and get to shopping.

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