Vintage Beauty Chat with Makeup Artist Akua Robinson

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Akua Robinson is Washington, D.C. based professional freelance makeup artist. Her interest in beauty started at a young age when she originally wanted to be a hair stylist, a makeup artist and own her own salon. She attended the University of the District of Columbia and received an AAS in Business Technology and a BA in Computer Information & System Sciences.

After graduating from college and having difficulty finding a job in her field, she decided to revisit her dreams of being a makeup artist. Akua decided to attend Bennett Career Institute in D.C. where she concentrated on Makeup Artistry. After graduation, Akua went on to assist celebrity Makeup Artist Merrell Hollis (The Wendy Williams Show) at the Bennett Career Institute Celebrity Makeup Symposium and on an ad campaign shoot for Black Opal Beauty. She is currently working behind the scenes with Danessa Myricks of I Make You Beautiful and at various trade shows such as Bronner Brothers and the Makeup Show.

Akua’s ultimate goal for her artistry is to become a regularly published editorial makeup artist in publications such as Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and W Magazine, to name a few. She also wants to play a key role in product development for existing and emerging cosmetic brands. She has accomplished quite a bit in such a short amount of time and shows no signs of slowing down.

Vintage Beauty Chat with Akua Robinson

1. What is your definition of timeless beauty?
To me, timeless beauty is the type of beauty that translates over generational barriers and still has the same impact as it did originally.

2. What is your favorite era?
My favorite era is the 1920′s. I’m especially fascinated by the way the flapper girls looked. Their skin always looked so fresh and flawless. I loved their makeup with the dark smoky eyes and deep red lips.

3. What beauty icon gives you inspiration in your work?
I’ve always loved Iman since I was a child. She has beautiful skin and she always looks polished. With my work I always strive to make people look as natural as possible, unless the look requires something different. I enjoy good-looking skin.

4. What celebrity of our generation would you consider to be the next classic beauty icon?
There are so many celebrities who could be the next classic beauty icon, but I would have to say Beyonce. I think there’s something very relatable and attainable about the way she looks. She doesn’t represent a far-fetched idea of beauty. It’s pretty simple and classic.

5.  If you could bring back one old school hairstyle, what would it be and why?
To be honest, I’m not really into hair that much anymore. Regardless of the trends, people are still going to do what they want. I would say bring back the Mullet, so that I can get a good laugh.

6. What throwback makeup trend do you pray will never comeback and why is it so dreadful to your eyes?
Please, please, please do not let the black lip liner with the gloss or lipstick trend make a comeback. It’s awful. It just doesn’t look right. I was a kid when people were doing that and some people still didn’t get the memo that it’s not cute anymore.

7. What are the best emerging beauty brands to achieve a classic retro diva look?
An emerging beauty brand that would be great for achieving a classic retro diva look would be Black Opal beauty. The brand has been around for years, but they are coming out with new products and a new artistic direction.

8. What product or look would you use to remix your look?
I’m a big fan of simplicity and pops of color on the lips. So I would use the Color Splurge Luxe Lipstick or the Color Splurge Patent Lips to remix it up. The shades are amazing and it has a great color payoff.

9. What classic makeup item do you have to have in your makeup bag at all times?
I always have my Maybelline Great Lash mascara or any mascara in my makeup bag. I actually think Great Lash was the first mascara I ever bought. Probably because the tube is pink.

Contact Akua Robinson:

IG: @mua_apprentice
Twitter: @muaapprentice

Photo Credit: Zoltan van Heyningen, Photographer
Model, Laura

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