Essential Makeup Tools for Your Flawless Face

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The Makeup Tools That The Pros Use

A lot of time and money goes into researching and purchasing the best makeup to help us put our best face forward. We buy foundation to make our complexion flawless, concealer to hide evidence of long hours and shadows to make our eyes pop.  It is important to have the best makeup tools to help us to apply, perfect and even remove our makeup.  Even if you aren’t a professional makeup artist, you still should have some pro makeup tools to help you apply makeup like the pros do.  The following is a list of some selected makeup tools to add to your beauty arsenal:

Conceal The Deal

Marc Jacobs Conceal Full Cover Correcting Brush $30
Designed specifically to apply concealer to the tight areas of the face such as the under eye and nose area. This leaves a sculpted, flawless, airbrush finish.  This brush is great because unlike traditional flat concealer brushes which can sometimes leave a streaky finish, the dome-shaped bristles buff your concealer to perfection.


Pro Tip: Use the flat side to apply product and the angled edge to buff product down.


Flawless Foundation Applicator

Sephora Collection Pro Full Coverage Airbrush #53 $38
When you first lay your eyes upon this tool, you might wonder if this is really a part of a pro’s makeup tools. It’s a short-handled brush with thick fan-shaped bristles. This brush covers a larger area of the face. The dense bristles, which have been treated with an antibacterial treatment, buff liquid and cream foundation down to a full flawless, no makeup look finish without streaks.


Pro Tip: Dispense a small amount of your foundation onto the back of a clean hand or a palette, dip the brush into the product and apply, starting in the middle of the face and then blending outward to the to the perimeter of your face.  Or you can dab your foundation on targeted areas of the face and blend.


Multipurpose Tool

Nars Yachiyo Brush #27 $55
This brush, which looks like beautiful artwork,  is one of the best makeup tools that is perfect for applying highlighter and blush. It’s also a great tool for contouring and diffusing color on the eye.


Pro Tip: To use for applying highlighter – start from the inner corner of the eye and gently sweep highlighter across the cheekbone as well as the center of forehead, nose and chin.  To use for applying blush, lightly tap brush into product, tap off excess and with two finger spaces away from the nose, sweep onto the apples of the cheek in an upward motion.   For contouring, dip the tip of the brush into contour color, start by the ear and in a back and forth motion, apply with firm, steady strokes. Be sure not to extend the contour color further than the outer corner of the eye-doing so can actually drag the face down and make the cheeks look bigger.


Stay Sharp

Urban Decay The Grindhouse (Pencil Sharpener) $10
It is very important to have a great pencil sharpener to sharpen your pencils without eating them up.  The Grindhouse is perfect because it has a double barrel (for small and jumbo pencils) with a sharp blade to ensure smooth sharpening for precise lines.  It also has a lid to contain shavings and a pick to dislodge any product that gets stuck.


Keep It Clean

Makeup Forever Instant Brush Cleaner 4.9oz $22
This alcohol-free brush cleaner is perfect for sanitizing and cleaning your brushes on a daily basis.  Brushes won’t be soaked or oily, you don’t have to rinse off the cleaner and the brushes are ready for immediate use.


Pro Tip:  Spray brush cleaner on a paper towel and run brushes back and forth over the paper towel.


Eyes Wide Open

Shiseido EyeLash Curler $19
Even if you are low maintenance, its important to give the lashes a bit of a curl. Curling your lashes which will make you look more awake.  This particular curler has a wide base that will grip even the tiniest of lashes and an edge free design which prevents pinching.


Pro Tip: If you want the shape of your lashes to last longer, consider warming your curler with a blow drier for a few seconds then gently insert lashes into the curler, clamp down for a few seconds and release.


Color Sweep

Sephora Collection Classic Must Have Powder Shadow Brush #60 $15
Everyone needs a basic eyeshadow brush to sweep color across the eyelid.  The firm but flexible bristles allow you to apply a base color or even apply color to specific parts of the eye.


Pro Tip: Dampen the bristles and dip into your eyeshadow for intense color payoff.

These makeup tools will easily get you started on your way to creating a flawless face. Need more tips, leave a comment!

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