Street Art: The World is An Open Museum

Street Art is the World’s Open Museum

Street Art is not just limited to the United States. In the 21st Century, street art is everywhere we look – mainstream media, music and clothes. I recently discovered that graffiti has even prevalent in Middle Eastern cultures. Tunisia now boasts some of the most beautiful street art in the world. Erriadh, which is an ancient village in Tunisia, has had over 100 international artists take on a project called “Djerbahood” which is a collective of over 100 artists from all over the world, who have signed on to adorn this ancient village with street art. The artwork included religious imagery and modern war themes throughout the village. There were some stand out, eye-catching pieces that would surely take you back in time. “Djerbahood” is an innovative project which is the entity behind this project is the renowned French Art Collective, Galerie Itinerrance,who have taken on this feat after the success of their Tour 13 project. Check out the full range of captivating images from Djerbahood on their tumblr: Djerbahood.

(Material is drawn from Djerbahood website )

You also have international art collectives like Mas Paz. Mas Paz means “Peace Through Art”. Mas Paz has managed to travel coast to coast sharing their murals at festivals like Adams Morgan Day. Mas Paz is the brainchild of Federico Frum, who was adopted from an orphanage in Bogata, Colombia. His mission began when he volunteered at an orphanage where children lacked food and wore shoes with practically no soles. Mas Paz’s  goal is to donate 5% of earnings back to the same orphanage where Frum lived before his adoption. He felt that it was his mission in life to give back to his roots. You can see the works of Mas Paz displayed in Mexico, Miami, the Bronx, Brazil, and the Nation’s Capital. For more information about Mas Paz, check out

(Photos Courtesy of Mas Paz Website)


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