Biggie Smalls is The Only Christopher We Acknowledge

Biggie Smalls is The Only Christopher We Acknowledge

When you hear the name Biggie Smalls, there is one place that comes to mind – Brooklyn. Christopher Wallace (aka Biggie Smalls) was one of the most influential rappers of this lifetime. His voice, his interviews, and his lyrics were the voice of a generation lost. The common theme which plagued Generation X was the need to be heard. They needed to tell a story. Christopher Wallace told that story in his prolific lyrics. On a beautiful summer night in Brooklyn, I felt his spirit rise and live again at a uniquely curated art exhibit called “The Only Christopher We Acknowledge is Wallace”. The exhibit was held at the emerging art gallery, The Bishop. The Bishop Gallery is an all African-American, male-owned gallery in Bedford Stuvyesent. The exhibit was curated by DJ Clark Kent, one of Biggie Smalls’ best friends – an accolade which he humbly boasts. DJ Clark Kent has over 30 years in the hip hop entertainment field which makes him a legacy and pioneer in his own right.

DJ Clark Kent is surprisingly humble and gracious when he speaks about how the art which he chose for this exhibit was carefully chosen out of his unlimited and unselfish respect for the man he knew not as Biggie Smalls but Christopher Wallace. Kent asserted that each piece had to have spoken to him. It had to say something or embody a feeling to signify that his friend would have chosen that piece himself. He went through the pieces and at times reached out to his friend in the spiritual realm asking quietly, “Big, What do You Think?” In his opinion, each artist that he selected had done an amazingly spiritual interpretation which captured who Christopher was. Kent was deeply moved by the artists who submitted their pieces to help him bring his dream to fruition – to honr Biggie the star and to honor Christopher Wallace, the person.

Some of the artists who were chosen included Ronald Draper, who created the two pieces of Biggie as royalty, Christopher Franks who depicted Christopher Wallace as a king Picasso-style with a matching table and backpack (he was one of the standout artists of the evening), Greg Frederick who created an image of Biggie from pieces of vinyl  and Nikki Harris who delighted the audience with her two crotchet pieces.

Hip hop generation, you need a glimpse into how Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls grew into the phenomenon who is still highly celebrated 17 years after his death. Go and immerse yourself into this amazing exhibit. You can draw their own conclusion but when one walks into the Bishop Gallery, you will surely get the sense that you are taking a walk through the mind and heart of the man known as Christopher Wallace.


Gallery and Artist Information

Bishop Gallery Website

Greg Frederick , Vinyl Pop Art

Nikki Harris, HGE Designs

Ronald Draper, Artist

Christopher Franks – Artist

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